Rebuilding Project

Current Progress

Project Goal: $1,200,000 / Completion Goal: July 2015 COMPLETED!

Post 2010 Earthquake Community Building Project in Mirebalais/Nirvard, Haiti

After land was purchased and consulting with engineering firms, HCAS developed a plan alongside our international partners for the post-earthquake reconstruction of Haiti Children’s Home and essential community services needed in Mirebalais, Haiti.

  • This new multi-million dollar, phased development will include:
  • New housing for up to 60 Children (a 100% increase in capacity from the previous facility)
  • A small community medical clinic
  • Multiuse spaces for play, school and youth apprenticeship training
  • Water filtration and waste water management (providing safety from waterborne illness)
  • Staff and volunteer housing
  • Youth Training Facility
  • Micro-Business Development

Project Updates

Six days per week, this project is providing essential employment for up to 56 Haitian people, which in turn is allowing them to care for and impact their families—up to 350 people daily. They are deeply thankful for this project, feeling the pride in their work, their ability to provide and are beginning to see their vision to help their community come to tangible fruition…bringing hope for a whole community.

July 1, 2015 – THE CHILDREN MOVE IN!!!! THE DAY HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!!!! So much hard work, donations, volunteered time, passion, love, grace, miracles, encouragement and patience has brought this day forth. See the joy on these children’s faces and be encouraged. God’s hand has guided us all to this exciting day.

House 1 – toddler house, complete with railings for those little wanderers!

House 2 – (House Father missing from picture as he was working)

House 3

House 4 occupied by missionary family

House 5

Have fun sweet children! Run, laugh, play, love, learn and grow in an environment built from God’s good grace and love for your benefit!

June 27, 2015 – The house parents move in. These amazing families are now also calling HCH their home, and have opened up their arms to include children from permanent care into their families to allow growth and development in a family setting.

June 2015 – a lot happened this month at HCH. The staff and volunteers were working extra hard to finish up all the last little details to allow the house parents to move in and get ready for the children to come July 1! Enjoy these beautiful details just before the children make this home.

May 2015

6. May 2 Fundraiser from Haitian Children's Aid Society on Vimeo.

Basketball Court

Soccer Field

Mango Tree

Stamped Concrete Path with House 5 in background

Lony has taken a real interest in helping with the rebuilding project and learns fast! He is not shy to jump in and work where ever help is needed and has a natural ability in construction.

Newly planted tree – which will grow fast in the Haitian climate – will provide great shade to the toddler playground in the future.

New addition to the playground.

CLEAN DRINKING WATER provided to whole community of Nirva! Just the beginning of the impact HCAS and HCH will be able to provide to the community.

Jan 2015

Abundance from our garden! See the garden in the background? This basket is full and there is so much more to come at the new home of HCH!

House 5 top floor coming along nicely!

Back porch on house 3.

Parking & service bay is looking great!

See the progress of the whole project! Garden and banana trees are looking amazing!

Front of House 5

Back of house 5

Central dining area

Team storage workspage & shady area for picnics

Parking & service bay

Nov/Dec 2014

The plowed area outside the wall is now ready for banana trees and the garden is taking shape beautifully!

The land before being plowed.

May/June 2014

House 1, 2, 3 looking from House 4

Kitchen—look at the progress!!

Mar/Apr 2014

The kitchen/classroom foundation nearing completion!

Professional school students touring House 2 tile job.

House #1 gets some color! Caribbean style!

The guard house roof getting poured.

Plumbing to North American standards in all the houses and buildings.

This is the updated site plan as of Feb 2014 showing the overall layout of buildings to complete Phase One this year.

This is the proposed layout of the Kitchen/Cookhouse which will serve as a central food and dining area for 2 of 3 meals per day, as well as for larger group activities and celebrations.

Dec 2013-Feb 2014

A wonderful birds-eye view of the project currently.

The driveway apron being poured by the Grace Point Team in Nov 2013 alongside our local Haitian workers.

Our first container of essential construction and some finishing materials to continue work on all the houses.

November 20-2013

November 3-2013

Staking out house #4… excavation begins!

Depot addition to accommodate the utilities portion of the project is moving nicely along

October 24-2013- A more finished look at the children’s new homes!

Here is a look at one of the children’s houses now that it’s been stuccoed—so beautiful! As well, a look at house #3 getting the roof poured! We are so thankful and always amazed at what can be accomplished by God when so many near and far, come together with a common vision, focus of resources and passion to see it done.

August 27 2013- Pouring the roofs for the Children’s Houses.

All hands on deck for 110 Haitian workers in the blazing hot sun to get this done! What a milestone and an exciting day for us all!

August 10 2013- Fresh off the press!

The Peanut crop is coming along nicely. The roof forms for one house are almost ready.
The ‘infrastructure’ portion of the project is progressing nicely too and bays are being added to the maintenance depot in preparation for the utilities equipment. Foundation trenching is almost completed for the depot additions. That’s a lot of hand digging!

Phase One is nearing completion this year, with Phase Two beginning after that; including an additional 3 children’s houses, Volunteer and Admin. housing and other community services such as a medical clinic and development of our maintenance buildings/bays for use for Youth Training and other sustainable programs for Haiti Children’s Homes.

August 2013- Updated pictures of the first 3 children’s houses! The progress is amazing and inspiring to watch!

July 2013- We can really start to see the houses taking shape now!

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! Continue to pray for protection, wisdom, blessing and continued resources upon this project as we endeavor to empower our beloved Haitian partner’s, FONSOPED, vision for Haiti Children’s Home and their community come to pass. As with any major international project there are many challenges, some known, some unforeseen, but we are confident going forward as doors continue to open as we work together and put our faith and trust in Christ and one another to see it through!

June 2013- The first 3 children’s houses are really progressing and becoming a reality! Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support! Let’s see this project through so we can move those children into their new homes as soon as possible.

May 2013-The foundations on 3 children’s houses are done and walls are going up! Things are really starting to take shape!

April 2013-First Children’s House foundation nearly finished!

March 2013-First multi-purpose out-building “Depot” finished, along with perimeter walls and flood canals!

February 2013-getting down to business with foundational work.